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Recycling Ghost Nets

Recycling ghost nets and molding diving weights.
Ghost nets are an unpleasant reality in the Mediterranean. Divers often come across nets left behind by fishermen that degrade and blot our depths in various ways. I was always… http://www.spearfishingcorfu.com/blog/recycling-ghost-nets/

Brown Meagres (Sciena Umbra)

Brown meagres (Sciena Umbra) is probably one of the most special fish a spearo may can catch in the Med. It's calm attitude can hypnotize the diver. A good shot without much… http://www.spearfishingcorfu.com/blog/brown-meagres-sciena-umbra/

Spearfishing Corfu, amberjack empties reel in a few seconds

Amberjacks were all around the reef that day. So... no shot on groupers. Eventually a bigger one approached. This 13k amberjack emptied the 50m reel in just a few seconds. http://www.spearfishingcorfu.com/blog/spearfishing-corfu-amberjack-empties-reel-few-seconds/