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Brown Meagres (Sciena Umbra)

Brown meagres (Sciena Umbra) is probably one of the most special fish a spearo may can catch in the Med. It's calm attitude can hypnotize the diver. A good shot without much… http://www.spearfishingcorfu.com/blog/brown-meagres-sciena-umbra/

Spearfishing Corfu, amberjack empties reel in a few seconds

Amberjacks were all around the reef that day. So... no shot on groupers. Eventually a bigger one approached. This 13k amberjack emptied the 50m reel in just a few seconds. http://www.spearfishingcorfu.com/blog/spearfishing-corfu-amberjack-empties-reel-few-seconds/